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1.1 Introduction to triple glazed windows

Windows are one of the most exposed parts of a house. They are very vulnerable towards weather and wind. The purpose of windows varies a lot, from the most basic assumptions that windows are a way of letting sunshine into houses and give the occupier a means to look out into the world to the more advance purposes such as enabling the occupier to have a lower electricity bill. These two examples are just a part of what a modern window is developed to do. Here are a few other criteria a modern window should meet:

In the text above the name "modern window" appeared. Consider what separates a modern window from a normal one? These pages while help to identify the merits of the different form of glazed windows.

A modern window today is build up by three layers of glass, hence the name triple glazing. Triple glazing is a system of sealed glazing units using 3 sheets of glass. It is the next step up from double glazing. However it can be much more than this. Triple glazing is not yet the norm in the UK, most people in Britain will only know about it from watching housing programmes as Grand Designs. In colder countries with extreme winter weather, particularly in Scandinavia and in Canada they have been a building standard for decades.

The aim of triple glazing is to provide better thermal and sound insulation than other forms of windows. It is likely that UK building regulations will specify triple glazing as standard on new buildings within 5 years.

It is possible to go beyond triple glazing, having four or more panes of glass. However the units would get increasingly large, heavy and cumbersome. The incremental thermal benefit tails off rapidly, so it would offer poor value for money. In addition, light transmission and clarity of vision would noticeably be reduced.

Before buying triple glazing is it advisable to understand how it works. With the help of this site it's possible to understand most aspects about how triple glazing works. From how efficient their energy performance is to how well they reduce traffic noise and other high noise sources.


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